“When Leaders Don’t Matter” Short Lessons from a Powerful Story Part 1

May 31st, 2012 by ian

“When Leaders Don’t Matter”

Short Lessons from a Powerful Story Part 1


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It’s doesn’t matter how great our managers or group leaders are, when they face people with strong emotional issues and personality problems; it doesn’t matter how great we are as individuals or how great Joshua (dynamic yesod) and Caleb (strong leader malchut) were, when any of us are outnumbered by a group of harmful colleagues.

These two great leaders were forced to do a reconnaissance mission with colleagues that end up admitting to having low self-esteem. Their negative image of and bad feelings towards themselves lead them to do what psychologists could have easily predicted: to point out flaws in something outside of themselves; specifically, to say nasty gossip about Israel, which ends up leading one of the greatest tragic sequences in Jewish history[1].

This happens time and time again: instead of companies and non-profits easily teaming up and synergistically moving forward with productive progress, they end up getting entangled in webs of drama, letting gossip and maliciousness set warped standards for reality.

Implement measures to prevent people with low self-worth from being able to ruin a good company or synagogue; develop good self-esteem in yourself and your family-it makes a huge difference in life.

If someone poses a threat, you must have a group of mature, strong people on hand to assertively tell them that their emotional blackmail will not be accepted in the organization. Set up a group to ensure issues are fleshed out and progress can be made. Success is not just a nebulous buzzword-it’s an achievable reality.

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[1] This caused Israel to view its relationship with G-d in a new negative light, to cry over this false tragedy, and wander in the desert for an extra four decades. This say went down in infamy as a day of tragedy from then on.

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