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 Are you a netzach/investigator-type?

Do you speak with people with an analytic way, and sometimes forget to be gentle and friendly?

Do you have a profession in which you utilize factual information to help people or give advice (doctor, accountant, clergyperson, etc.,) and work for tremendous number of hours at a time?

Are you a gevurah/guardian?

Do you often feel like you have to constantly compete in the rat race of life?


Are you a chesed or later chesed/sustainer?

Do you feel that you don’t fit into any of the personality categories so strongly?…. or that you fit only a bit into one or two of them? You may have the middah of chesed. Seize the opportunity and mold yourself into someone unique and successful.

Is your roommate a later chesed?

Does your roommate insist on going to sleep and waking up at the exact same time every single day, regardless of the season or reason? He or she may be a later chesed and thrive on a schedule and orderliness. Relax and realize that this is who they are and work with them to make a win-win situation for both of you.

Is someone you know a gevurah/guardian?

Do you know someone who can dive deep into their work for a long time without coming up for a break … is very intense, at times, but not necessarily hurtful … who continually asks you questions about your word usage and doesn’t get the gist of what you are saying?

Do you have the middah of gevurah?

Do you feel the need to have a rigid schedule each day and get upset or nervous when it is disrupted? It’s ok! You may be a gevurah who prefers strict structure to your day. Explain this to your spouse or family in a loving way and try to create a win-win schedule for both/all of you, as well as a plan of action when that schedule is disrupted. Relax when you become upset that your schedule was interrupted – it’s just how your mind and emotions feel, you can’t change that part of you, but you can change how you react to it.

Are you a tiferet/creative?

If you have above average creative talent, in an area such as painting, song writing or photography … if you have a unique perspective on life … if you have a journal that you are very serious about … if you have a chair in your bedroom that is piled high with garments but somehow manage to get dressed and have no creases in your clothing … if you resemble our tiferet hero Milo Taphinn from The Seven Ways in that you have alternating periods of high energy and deep contemplation, you may have the middah of tiferet.

Do you have the quality of tiferet?

Do you have creative talent, and prefer to have an agent or promoter to network and set up gigs for you?

Is your spouse a netzach/investigator?

Does your spouse feel the need to always run everything you say out loud through thorough intellectual analysis? If so, your spouse may be a netzach-type. You may find it liberating to understand that this is how his or her brain works and that you should not take it personally.

Are you a netzach?

Are you a doctor, accountant, or pharmacist? You may be a netzach. 

Are you a hod type?

Do you worry about people’s welfare and emotional well-being a lot? Are you temped to “meddle” or act otherwise intrusively? You may have the middah (attribute/personality) of hod. Help when it is necessary, and don’t forget to help yourself!

Are you a hod/helper?

If you are very careful not to hurt other peoples’ feelings … if you worry about hurting other peoples’ feelings … if you are more willing than the average person to apologize to other, when you wrong them, you may have the middah of hod.

Do you have the middah (attribute) of yesod?

Do you think much faster than most people? Can you size up a surrounding environment very quickly? Do you quite literally become frustrated at the way in which that environment is being mismanaged or lacking proper involvement from leadership? You may be a yesod. These feelings are meant to encourage you to become a good leader in your own right. Do not allow yourself to grow frustrated, as this will lead to fostering negativity and hurt interpersonal relations.

Are you a yesod-type/connector?

Do you have big plans and a big vision? Do you see that vision clearly, but most people just don’t see it yet? You may have the middah of yesod.

Are you a malchut/monarch-type?

Do you like to do things your way… because it is the best way? Do you work harder than most people? In addition to these qualities, do you think you’re probably a later chesed? You may have the middah of malchut.

Does someone you know have the middah of malchut?

Do you know someone who never, ever, ever concedes to your way of thinking, when you have a discussion? Who always, always, always thinks their opinion is correct? He or she may be a low-functioning malchut-type. It’s hardly ever worth it to argue – “discuss” – an issue with them, as they believe  their opinion is the correct and only one.