I can provide you with exclusive training in the Seven Ways system and offer private, affordable services to individuals, couples, groups and businesses, based on the Seven Ways system, classic personality systems, and innovative communication and educational methods.

Services Include:

  • Training or education in the Seven Ways system (currently our most popular workshop).
  • Personality discovery & coaching: clearly defining the different layers of one’s personality. Sample goals: increasing happiness, weight loss, or career direction.
  • Aiding couples to increase joy in their marriages and understand each others’ unique communication styles (the most positive feedback of any service).
  • Assisting individuals in how to identify and pursue ideal complimentary types for marriage.
  • Various workshops including: understanding the three primary learning styles and forth rare style; life-changing psychological insights based on text study; improve communication skills, and more.
  • Consulting for businesses, specifically:
    • Advice on whom to hire and how to set up the correct groupings of personalities to make effective teams
    • Targeting specific audiences for products or advertisements
    • Enhancing organizational¬†effectiveness,¬†communication,¬†& proper structuring
  • Management training based on The Golden Triangle approach.
  • All serviced and the Seven Ways types can be presented in full English wording (i.e., creatives, monarchs)