You’ve Been Called Out: VAY-PEK

March 16th, 2012 by ian

You’ve Been Called Out

Vayakhel-Pikuday: Taking Talents to Action

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Several times, the Torah says that Betzalel, the architectural director of Israel’s house of prayer (mishkan), has already been called to build the structure.

However, a scan of the Torah reveals that no such calling from G-d has been made. Where was he called?

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein answers[1]: the fact that Betzalel possesses talents in the artistic realm means that he has been called upon by G-d.

The fact that you and I have unique talents means that we should go and use them for constructive purposes.

[to learn more about the different types of unique skill sets order The Seven Ways]

If you have not fully crystallized or developed your talents, it is important- perhaps a religious endeavor–to do so.


Ian Bailey



[1] Darash Moshe

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