“In The Seven Ways, Rabbi Bailey successfully transmits ancient truths from Jewish tradition that could enhance anyone’s life.  It not only presents seven spiritual strategies but does so in a compellingly readable manner. Well done, Rabbi Bailey!”

-Rabbi Daniel Lapin, American Alliance of Jews and Christians www.aajc.com

“I wish you bracha v’hatzlacha (blessing and much success) on the book and project”

– Rabbi Yochanan Zweig, Rosh Yeshiva, Talmudic University of Florida, upon reading through the manuscript of The Seven Ways


“Thank you so much for sharing [The Seven Ways]… I loved the line [by the creativity-filled Chapter 3 interviewee], ‘someone took…the time to teach me in a way that I needed to be taught.’”

– A seasoned 3rd grade teacher.


“Rabbi Bailey offers his readers much food for thought–about Judaism, about life, about our own self-fulfillment. By exploring our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, we gain keener insight on how to live more meaningfully and happily.”

– Rabbi Marc D. Angel, Founder and Director, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals jewishideas.org


“Rabbi Bailey’s seminar was both entertaining and insightful. It appealed to our diverse group of individuals  with varying Jewish backgrounds, and professional interests spanning the fields of psychology, business, and education. It sparked new ways of thinking about familiar Torah narratives, organizational dynamics, and human strengths and weaknesses. We walked away wanting to learn more.”

 Rabbi Ben Aaronson, BCMH Capitol Hill Minyan (capitolhillminyan.com


“Rabbi Bailey writes with an incisiveness and clarity that is both profound and refreshing.  One literally finds oneself within the pages of the book and one is automatically bound by the commentary, dialogue and insight.”

Rabbi Adam Edwards, London Outreach Professional & Educator, SEED UK